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Foiling, Whats the Difference?

Foiling opens up a number of avenues, in a multitude of sports.  As well as a unique experience even just the feeling of gliding over the top of the water is truly amazing! Furthermore it has a lot of advantages some of which we’ve listed below:

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  • Better upwind ability for kite boarders
  • Riding in silence
  • Foiling is far softer on your joints
  • Being able to surf unbroken ocean swell!
  • Requires a much smaller wave and/or kite to get going
  • Amazing light wind performance allowing you to cruise around when no one else can


Upwind Performance

Due to the increased efficiency of foils over other kite boards, a foil board will need far less power to start, and even less to continue along once on the foil.  Wind angles or better than 40 degrees off the wind are not uncommon when foiling giving foilers an incredible chance to explore upwind or downwind.

This increased upwind performance is a must have for anyone on small and/or busy beaches, the avid adventurer and even for some memorable downwind runs.

With a foil a kiter can easily achieve vastly superior upwind angles and for that reason it opens up a number of options when you go out for a session. At our local spot we can easily launch at the main kite beach and downwind about 3 kilometres to a second beach before hiking back upwind to our original starting point. This sort of run was unimaginable to complete with just a twintip or even a direction board.

With a Surf foil, this allows for ease of kicking off waves and pumping your way back into the lineup. Again giving you access to more waves and a better session!

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Light Wind Performance

The main attraction to foiling from a kiteboarding point of view is the ability to access lighter wind sessions. We’ve found through the use of a standard freeride foil and a 9m Wave orientated kite you can easily get going in 11/12 knots of wind.

This ability to access lightwind sessions being comfortably powered is a must have for the fringes of seasons in any part of the world. In Perth kiters can easily start foiling at the beginning of September about a month before most twintip riders even consider getting their gear ready after winter! Within Perth, the kitefoil racing scene runs just about year round meaning no matter the wind direction there is a beach that allows you to get out on the water and foiling.  Specialized kites and foils can get you powered in as little as 4-6 knots which means, almost every day is a kite foiling day.


Effortless Sessions

Foiling can look difficult for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet. The ease of use of a foil with just a little bit of time thrown at it and some initial instruction, means it is accessible for kiters of any level. Due to the board flying above the water, foiling is a lot less taxing on a riders body and joints, making it great for anyone who’s knees are getting tired of twintipping.

For the surf scene foiling allows riders to catch waves either further out behind the line up or in areas where no one is surfing at all. The ability to beat a crowd makes it a must have for anyone travelling. Once up and riding the foil the ease of use with a little experience allows riders to run down the line catching some long running waves and/or connecting turns. All this together allows a rider to catch longer rides, more often and with less effort (Unless your pumping back out to the break).

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Smooth and Silent

The idea of cruising over open ocean swell and feeling like you’re riding the flattest water you’ve ever been on is unimaginable for some. Foiling opens this up for a large group of water sports enthusiasts whether it’s behind a boat, under a kite or on top of a surfboard. This smooth ride aides the foil in making it ideal for exploring new areas and riding it over long distances.

However the best part of the foil is how silent it is. Pairing a good foil with a short board can easily make you feel like you’re flying. With no noise, no chop and plenty of ocean to explore it is a perfect way to jump out and get rid of a days worth of stress.



For any avenue of foiling surfing becomes a option on just about any wave. With a kite the ability to ride swell is an option anywhere, even the smallest bump can be ridden with a foil. Meaning if you can’t make it to your favourite wave spot but are looking to sneak that session in after work, any beach becomes a wave spot!

With a big enough front wing towing behind a boat easily becomes a wake you can surf. Pair this with the ability for the foil to smooth out choppy water it makes it a great toy to have if you regularly boat at busy spots.

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If you’re curious and want to know more about foiling check out our store page. Otherwise feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Likewise if you’ve got any more differences that we didn’t list here but you they made foiling fun for you, feel free to comment them below!


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