We Love Wing Foiling

ActionSportsWA are passionate Wing Foilers. Wing Foiling, or Wind Winging, combines Kiting, Windsurfing & Foilboarding.  The result is a sport that is safer than Kiting, requires less equipment, and is more compact than windsurfing, while giving the Surf freedom of Foilboarding.  

To get up and running you need 4 things:  Board, Foil, Windwing, and a little determination.  Boards range from 150 litres to 45 litres.  Wings range from 3m to 7m in size and have either a removable boom or an inflatable centre strut with handles.  The Foils vary in size and shape based on rider weight, discipline, and performance.

At ActionSportsWA our dedicated team of staff all Foil, Wing, Kite Skate and SUP, so you can be sure that we can progress your riding. Whether you are just getting interested in Wing Foiling, about to buy your first set-up, thinking of upgrading a Wind Wing, or are ready to progress to a performance set up, we have the largest choice, the best advice, and the experience to get you on the right gear, first time.

Wing Foiling FAQ's

Wind Winging takes the best elements of Kiting, Windsurfing and Foilboarding and combines them into a new easy to learn sport.
Wing Foiling is unique, It's like riding on a magic carpet
No, Wing Foiling is easier and safer to learn than kiting or windsurfing. The basics (minus the foiling Part) can be easily taught in a couple of hours with a Wind Wing and Stand Up Paddleboard
That's a hard question, the cost to get started is comparable to kiting. Secondhand Equipment can make the cost lower, but having the right advice can save you thousands of dollars and prevent you from buying the wrong gear.
No, having the right gear while you are learning makes a massive difference to how quickly you will progress.
Maybe, it will depend on the shape and the size. When you are learning a high volume, large board can work but you may want something smaller as you progress
No unlike kiting or windsurfing you are not "connected" to your equipment in the same way.
Action Sports WA are experts in all things Wing Foiling, we have a massive selection of Wind Wings, Boards and Foils. Drop into our shop and ask for advice.
Action Sports WA can recommend lessons on electric foils on the water, As well as beach and water lessons with the wind wing.