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While we love the other sports that we do at ActionSportsWA there are some days when the wind just doesn’t blow.  Back in 2011 one of our Friends bought in the toy that would change our business and that was it we were sold!!

What started out as a single electric skateboard, has transformed into a key section of our business.
Fast forward 7 years and we are one of the largest retailers of electric skateboards in Australia, servicing the whole of Western Australia.

Everybody in our team skates, period!.

For 2020 we stock the amazing, and Australian designed Evolve Electric Skateboards, with heaps of power and great range they are perfect for those long lazy summer rides.  

We also have the brand new range of  .dot Electric Skateboards featuring modular batteries, optional add on motors and a true skating feel.  The range includes the Compact, fantastic as a last mile solution. The Cruiser, perfect for Urban Dwellers looking for an easily portable board. And finishing out the range, the Transporter, featuring a tradional drop deck , a polished feel, and range of up to 40km.  

The other part of our Electronic Category is the World Beating, Australian Designed, and Manufactured, Stealth Electric Bike.  Featuring 4 models from the commuter friendly P7, the lightweight but punchy F37, the Heartstopping B52, and the outrageous H52 Electric Trail Bike , watching videos on youtube can not prepare you for actually meeting these bikes in the flesh.

Customers that book demo rides with the B52, as often left speechless with the combination of power, speed and then amazement about how quiet the bikes are.

So if you are looking to skate to the station and leave the car at home, cruise with your friends on a electric skateboard on a weekend coastal run, or jump on a Stealth Electric Bike so you tear up the trails at weekends, while still being able to blend with the rest of the bike traffic on the daily commute to the office,  we have the tools (and the toys!) for job!

Electric Skateboards

Do you love to skateboard, or did you skate as a kid and haven't skated for years? Maybe you love to roll along the cycleways on the weekend on a longboard cruiser?  Electric skateboards remove the need for hills, and suddenly with a gentle squeeze of the throttle, you can turn a long flat and normally boring pathway into a dreamy carve fest, while still having the ability to gently touch the brakes if its get a bit on the quick side. You can even carve uphill meaning you spend all your time carving and none pushing. It's like surfing an endless wave!

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Stealth Electric Bikes

If you have a blank look on your face when you see the words "Stealth Electric Bike", then you obviously haven't been introduced to the Australian designed, Stealth Electric B-52 off-road bike.  As soon as you see this bike in the flesh, you start to understand that this is no ordinary bike. Resembling a cross between a high-end mountain bike and an off-road trail bike, it's unique rugged good looks give you no clue as to what lurks within the handmade frame. A unique blend of raw power, precision, and control these 6.2kw machines feel polished, refined and Sturdy

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