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ActionSportsWA are passionate about Foil Boarding. We were first introduced to foils and foil boarding back in 2003 in Hawaii, with some of the early pioneers of kiteboarding. Since then foiling had sat on the fringes of the kiteboarding mainstream.

It wasn’t until 2015 when the annual Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton Race was won by a ride Foil Boarding in super-marginal conditions, that the average kiter started to realise the possibilities that foiling opened up, especially in light wind conditions.

In that relatively short time, foil boarding has come a long, long way. Many of the Kitesurfing brands you know and trust have invested huge resources in people, time and technology to make your journey into the world of Foil, quick, easy and safe.

At ActionSportsWA our dedicated team of staff all Foil so you can be sure that we can progress your riding. Whether you are just getting interested in Foiling, about to buy your first set-up, thinking of upgrading a wing, or ready for competitive racing; we have the largest choice, the best advice, and the experience to get you on the right gear, first time.

Action Sports Foil Wall
Action Sports Foil Wall

Our Shop

Our shop is conveniently located in Balcatta, just off the Mitchell Freeway.

If you’ve been kiting for a while then you probably can’t have helped noticing the amount of Hydrofoil boards out on the water.  We love Foil!! It’s the perfect antidote to that feeling of frustration you get when you’ve been doing the same thing for too long.  With Foils and boards from Slingshot, Moses HF Italy,Duotone, North and Shinn, whether you are trying to find you first set-up, looking to upgrade a wing, or wanting to race competitively, we have the expertise and a passionate team to help you make a choice that’s right for you.

Opening Hours

Sometimes we are at the shop until after 5pm, so please call on (08) 9240 8547 to check. Public Holidays Closed.

Our range includes Kites from Duotone, Ozone, Core, Slingshot and  Flysurfer. With a huge selection of Freeride, Freestyle, Wakestyle, Wave and Foil kites in new, superseded and second hand/ex-demo you are sure to find something to fit your style and your budget.

When it comes to boards you can choose from Duotone, Core, Shinn, Ozone and Flysurfer.  So whether you are looking for your first Twintip, trying to land your first Kiteloop or trying to smash a lip at Margies Main Break we have the boards and the expertise to get you on the right gear first time!

This is complemented by a massive range of Harnesses, Accessories and Spare Parts, including the latest selection of Carbon Harnesses which give unparalleled levels of both comfort and support.  

At ActionSportsWA we have the latest gear, the best advice and world class service, all within a friendly welcoming environment, so if your learning in the school, or browsing in the shop we’ll take the very best care of you.

Foilboarding FAQ's

Foilboarding is riding a board above the water attached to a small aeroplane shaped device on the bottom of a long fin (mast).
Foilboarding is very unique. It’s fast and there is no drag and no noise so it feels like you are riding on a magic flying carpet.
No, learning foilboarding can be quick and safe. You can learn the basics of balance and stance in as little as 90 minutes with an E-Foil session.
No, foilboarding can be inexpensive with second hand foils and boards, but the key is getting you on the right gear so you can progress quickly, safely and easily.
No, there are foils for Kiting, Wing Foiling, Windsurfing, Racing, Freeride, Surfing, Jumping the list goes on. At ActionSportsWA we have the experience and a huge selection of foils in-store to get you on the correct gear.
Yes, by applying a “Foilmount” to your existing old board (any board with a flat tail rocker will do), you can buy a foil and begin foil surfing straight away!
Foilboarding can be dangerous but if you get correct instruction and wear the right protective gear, you should be fine. Don’t learn in waves or near others!
Action Sports WA are experts in foils and have a wide selection of different foils,wings and boards to suit everyone. Drop into our shop and ask for advice.
Action sports WA conduct lessons using an Electronic or E-Foil. The 90 minute session will have most people up and riding, giving you best opportunity to experience riding a foil without having to worry about kite, wing or sail control.