WOO HOO 2024 season just around the corner



Here we go fresh off the presses, do you want the skinny on the the new Kites, Wings, Boards and Gear from Duotone as well as the latest offering from Fanatic for ticking your foiling and winging fancy for the new season?

We’ve been to the dealer meeting, we have ridden the prototypes and we have the latest recommendation for where you should put your hard earned dollars, to maximise your finance to fun ratio.


And while we cant show you photos of the gear online, we may have a bit of cheeky spycam footage, that we can show you instore (it’s real mission impossible stuff, let me tell ya!)

How do pre orders work? as a preferential customer you get to choose your gear up front, and as a reward for pre payment we give a pretty hefty discount, plus we show all the secret squirrel stuff.

If you are interested in pre-ordering your gear, which gives a great discount, and of course the first choice in colour combinations Give us a call on 08-9240-8547 and we can add you to growing list.


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