Foil Drive is the world’s first retro-fit electric assistance motor kit for Hydro foiling, bridging the gap between traditional foiling and e-foiling. The innovative design allows riders around the globe to safely progress faster and ride more often, all while utilising their existing, lightweight gear from any foil brand… Your board, your foils, your way.

Proudly designed and manufactured in South Australia, their ever-growing team is driven by founders Paul and Ben. With the vision to create a universal product that allows riders to learn to foil, progress rapidly and to lengthen their time on the water, Foil Drive has been carefully crafted to offer this electric assistance without sacrificing weight, or the purist feeling of traditional foiling.

With ultimate flexibility, the rider has full choice of where to mount the motor to the mast. Transform your gear into a flatwater e-foil with the motor close to the fuselage, perfect for cruising around, learning and families. For those wanting the full freedom of flight, mount it close to your board for electric assistance getting on foil, then allow the motor to exit the water for a smooth, drag free feeling just like traditional foiling!

Join Foil drivers around the world, most of which never heading out for a session without their Foil Drive!

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