GTR or HADEAN? What’s the difference?

GTR or HADEAN? What’s the difference?

***QUICK UPDATE 03/05/2023, we write our blogs about 4 weeks in advance, and Evolve just announced a Flash Sale on all boards***

It’s the question we get asked more than any other by electric skate customers. Sometimes it’s about the stats, but other times it’s about the feeling.

When you just compare the stats and pricing it seems like an easy choice. What the stats give you is a Price Vs Speed Vs. Range equation.

TOP SPEED Kph42385042
RANGE Km50306550
PRICE $2999/$2599$2399/$1999$2999/$2599 $2399/$1999
SALE PRICE 03/05/23 $2699/$2299$1899/1899$2699/$2299$1899/$1899

So, as you can see from the table above, the choice of bamboo or carbon deck does not affect the performance.
For example, the range of a GTR is the same whether it has a carbon or a bamboo deck, the difference between the boards is feel.

A carbon deck is stiffer so will work better for heavier riders, if you are between 95 and 110kg we’ll probably recommend a Carbon board over a Bamboo board because the larger mass will give the carbon board some flexibility. Likewise, if you are 70 kilos, a carbon board can feel a little uncomfortable and even bouncy, especially if you like to take your board off-road.

Wheel choice is the next consideration, do you look at All Terrain or Street Wheels? There are both advantages and disadvantages to each wheel set and type.
All Terrain wheels have a greater rolling resistance, so give less range and less speed, but their inflated tyres give more grip and more comfort and are ideal for commuting.
Street wheels give better range and have a higher top speed, but this is at the expense of comfort as they can feel a little choppy on old pavers.
This is one of the reasons we will often ask where you live.
If you live in an older suburb, there will be more established trees, which means more roots and more cracked or lifted pavers.
If you live in a newer suburb, the pavements are newer and flatter. If you live near the coast, especially North of the River, local councils have been improving and upgrading the coastal paths meaning there is a perfect smooth bitumen playground waiting for you, ideal for urethane street wheels.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, there is a difference in terms of both deck size and profile between the GTR and the Hadean.

Looking at the carbon decks first, the Hadean is a little wider and a little flatter, making it a little better for taller riders, as taller riders tend to have bigger feet, the stance width is the same on the carbon deck, this wider deck means that more batteries can be packed in giving better ranger and more ‘oomph’ which results in a higher speed.
The biggest difference is across the bamboo decks. The GTR has a straight deck at 24.5cm wide while the Hadean is wider at the ‘tips’ at 26.5cm and narrower at the ‘waist’ at 22cm, the Hadean is also a lot flatter across its profile giving a comfortable standing area, while the GTR has a lot more concave. This means taller riders with bigger feet sometimes comment that the edges on the GTR deck feel a little sharper with the more pronounced rails.
Both boards use the same remote, the same motors and the same motor controller (but it is hardware limited for the GTR) The batteries differ with the Hadean sporting a 16Ah, 691Wh pack in a 12s4p configuration using 21000 cells. The GTR comes a close second with a 14Ah, 504Wh pack in a 10s4p layout and uses the more standard 18650 cells.
This larger, high-capacity battery gives the Hadean a crisper, more instant, take-off and braking, but this can be tempered by using the Evolve App to dial the brakes back a notch (or two!).

So, choosing the perfect board is the balance between stats, and aesthetics, but just as important, feel.

This is the reason we have a demo of all the boards in store. We offer a Hadean Carbon with Street wheels, a Carbon GTR with All Terrain (AT), a Hadean Bamboo with All Terrain and finally a GTR Bamboo with Street.
This allows you to try a Carbon board in both Street and AT, and a Bamboo board in Street and AT too.
We do demos on most days, with a few caveats. It must be dry; riders must be 16+, a liability waiver needs to be completed for each person demoing, and we usually keep hold of your ID, wallet, and phone while a member of staff takes you out for a structured demonstration.

If you have any further questions or queries, contact one of the Action Sports Team at 08-9240-8547.

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