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Electric Skateboard Maintenance: The regular checks.

Electric skateboard maintenance is key to keep your board running at its best. Below are some of the issues that we get asked about, regularly checking over the skateboard will help to identify any issues that might be arising early. Some of these issues will cause minor issues like a loss of range, otherwise can start small and quickly develop into an issue that can cause major damage to part of the board.

  1. Bearings

    In terms of the easiest way to get your electric skateboard running nicely if it doesn’t feel like it’s performing well, a quick bearing change will get your board rolling like new again. In terms of maintenance bearings are the part of the board that is going to need the most looking after. While bearings can last varying amounts of time depending on use. The easiest rule of thumb is if you’re riding regularly either clean the bearings once a month or do a full bearing replacement every 3 months.

    For those that are a little more technical if you pull the bearing out and give it a spin. If the bearing is spinning freely without noise it’s good to go. Furthermore, if there’s a grinding noise or the bearings just generally noisy it’s a good sign that the bearing’s need a clean. However, if you spin the bearing and it isn’t moving freely or is still making noise after you’ve cleaned it, this is a good sign the bearing should be replaced.
    Bearings. Electric Skateboard.In terms of replacement bearings there are numerous choices. While ceramic bearings offer a lower rolling resistance, they can get very pricey. In our opinion the full ceramics make the difference if you’re counting on every bit of speed. For some of the options we stock check out our spare parts page.

    Here’s a quick video guide on how to change bearings on an electric skateboard.

  2. Belts + Drive Gears

    Both key components to making your board run optimally. Your belts and drives are both consumable components with any board. A common cause of wear/damage is getting something stuck between the belt and the Gear/Cover. The time to check for abnormal wear is after every ride. If you spin the wheel so the belt turns and have a quick look for any abnormal wear. If caught early enough what ever is causing the wear can be removed and you can keep skating! You can check out Evolve belts and Boosted belts in our store.

    Here are some videos for two brands that might help: a Boosted Board belt change video, and an Evolve Board belt change video.

  3. Electrical Components

    With any brand/model of electric skateboard you shouldn’t need to touch the electrical components. If you are having an issue, please contact the manufacturer of the board. We do not recommend attempting to any maintenance work on electrical issues with boards without first talking to the manufacturer.

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  4. Deck Grip

    As with any skateboard you will eventually wear through the deck grip on an electric skateboard. While you should be able to order a replacement deck grip for the board from the manufacturer depending on the age of the board, you can replace the deck grip with any grip you want. By swinging into any skate store they should be able to cut and fit a grip of your choice. Not only with this give the board a fresh look, but it always makes it stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, anyone with experience of group skates knows that standing out from the crowd and quickly identifying your board is definitely a good thing!

If you want to know more or have any questions about Electric Skateboard Maintenance, feel free to ask below.


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