Meet the Team

A business is nothing without a passionate team behind it.  The team is diverse in background but share the same appetite for fun and excitement.  Everyone kitesurfs, everyone electric skates and everyone hydrofoils.  The most important thing for a team is to work well with people and to all share a familiar focus on making people happy by engaging them in the sports we love.  These people are the reason Action Sports WA is the place to go for kiteboarding, electric skating of kite/surf/SUP foil boarding.


Darren Marshall

Darren started Australian Kiteboarding in 2000 and although the name has changed along the way, the passion for fun on the water hasn’t.  As an active kitesurfer of all disciplines, surfer,  electric skater, stand up paddler, wind winger and hydrofoiler, his knowledge is vast across all of the products and sports we support.


Favourite activity : Wind wing waves/Downwinding and Formula kite foiling.

Favourite place : Secret spot in Exmouth for waves, and Mauritius for foiling.

Wendelien Blankert

Wendelien has been with the team at Action Sports WA for seven seasons and was brought on to manage our kitesurfing school.  Wendelien has done an excellent job of managing and improving the school with excellent communication and organisational skills.  Her ability to be detail and student focused whilst maintaining high safety standards is just one of her strengths.

Wendelien is an accomplished kitesurfer, foiler and skater

Favourite activity: Twintip

Favourite: Wedge island in Western Australia


Johana “Joha” Giraldo

Joha joined Action Sports WA in the winter of 2020.  Originally from Colombia, Joha has travelled and worked in the kiteboarding industry as a kiteboarding instructor in many countries and has now turned her hand to sales and assisting people to find their passion in any of our sports.  Joha is an experienced freestyle kiteboarder and appears on the Woo big air leaderboard outjumping many of the men.  She has become a fantastic new member of team.  Joha kitesurfs freestyle, freeride, foil and waves, has mastered electric hydrofoiling and electric skates also.

Favourite activity: Kite Freestyle and “Big Air”

Favourite spot: WA