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The Assist MAX is exactly that, an all rounder with maximum power, runtime, thrust and versatility.
This is the largest Foil Drive suitable for any rider at any skill level! Three years of design, testing and development has brought us here, to the original hybrid dream; ride any board, any foil, any way you like.

With the experience and community backing we have grown and developed over the last few years, Foil Drive as a brand and a product is coming of age, and ready to enhance the foiling experience forever

*Max Thrust:27.5kg (60.6lbs)
*Weight Range:3.4 – 4.5kg (7.4 – 9.9lbs)
Max Dimensions:L525 x W250 x H50mm
Min Dimensions:L415 x W250 x H50mm

The Foil Drive MAX Power Battery is the largest battery with 498 Wh capacity. This offers the longest run time with for those looking for high power performance.

As with all Gen 2 Foil Drive batteries, the MAX Power Battery is certified IP68 rated for increased protection and peace of mind against water and dust.

The single power plug contains larger connectors that provide power to the Foil Drive unit and smaller connectors for charging the battery. The included dust cap provides extra protection during storage & transport.

Only compatible with Foil Drive Assist MAX.

Foil Drive Max Gen 2 supplied with :
*Choice of Cable length with Gen2 Motor with 2 Blade Propeller/Hub and Stubbie Cooler
*Choice of Mast Adaptor

Foil Drive Assist MAX Electronics Box
Motor Plug Protector with Keychain
Foil Drive Nose Cone A
Foil Drive Nose Cone B
Foil Drive Universal Motor Pod – Rear
Foil Drive Universal Motor Pod – Short Nose
Foil Drive Universal Motor Pod – Long Nose
Foil Drive v2 Wireless Throttle Controller
Foil Drive Controller Wrist Strap
Foil Drive Mast Cable Guide 23cm
Foil Drive Controller Wireless Charge Pad
Micro USB Cable
40v Standard Foil Drive Charger 4amp
4x Mast Track Foam Inserts
2x Nose Cone Rocker Pad
2x Battery Grease
4x M8 Assist MAX Mast Plate Bolts 80mm
4x M6 Assist MAX Mast Plate Bolts 80mm
Foil Drive 2.5mm Driver
Torx T40 Tee Handle Driver
Torx T30 Tee Handle Driver
Foil Drive Cleaning Cloth
Foil Drive Gen2 Carry Case
Foil Drive Mounting Bolt Bag
– 4x M8 Locking Tee Nuts
– 4x M6 Locking Tee Nuts
– 4x M3 x 20mm Bolts for Locking Tee Nuts
– 2x M3 x 16mm Latch Locking Bolts

Foil Drive Motor and Pod Bolts Bag
– 4x Motor Pod Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
– 3x Puck Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
– 3x Motor Plug Bolts (M4 x 10mm)

Spare Parts Bag
– 2x O-Ring Seals – Foil Drive Assist MAX
– 2x Latch Assembly – Foil Drive Assist MAX
– 3x Motor Plug Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
– 4x Motor Pod Bolts/Puck Bolts (M3 x 12mm)
– 2x Latch Locking Bolts (M3 x 16mm)
– 2x Propeller Bolts (M3 x 30mm)
– 2x Latch Pivot Bolts (M3 x 45mm)

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