CORE Kiteboarding and Carved Customs – Global Players in the Kitesurf Business

This story begins twenty years ago when Bernie Hiss, a world-class waterman, and founder of CORE, built his first prototype kites and twin tips on the tiny Baltic island of Fehmarn. Germany’s ‘little Maui’ is recognizable by its steady winds and white and yellow kites that dot the skies. In 2005, he launched his first production kite -the Unit- as it was known back then under his custom board company Carved Customs, a brand making waves in kiteboarding with the all-carbon, high performance, Imperator twintip.

Bernie split the kite and board business and in 2007 his new kite brand -CORE- launched its first kite. The Unit laid the foundation for CORE’s innovation and global expansion from custom board manufacturer to leading, full-range, kiteboarding manufacturer. The runaway success of our XR and GTS kite lines allowed us to focus on niche markets like the dedicated surf model, the Section. And this year, the incomparable Nexus joins the XR and GTS as our wave/freestyle Universal+ Series performance allrounder. After 11 years, CORE serves 90 markets globally from its Fehmarn offices, warehouses, and production facilities.

Carved Customs bespoke products and CORE premium high-performance gear are made to last. Longevity is best seen in the details. Because every small detail can be improved, re-engineered or re-imagined with different materials or a better solution. Continuous improvement is our philosophy where no detail is too small, and nothing is left untried. And if you do manage to break a part, no worries. We carry spare parts for a minimum of six years. Guaranteed.

High performance is not just about landing the highest jump or getting tubed. It’s about reaching your potential knowing your CORE equipment has your back. That is what we strive for every day. Making intuitive, high-performance gear the safest and most trusted on the planet.

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