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Changed your mast setup or added to your collection? Simply pick up a new Foil Drive Motor Pod to transform your gear into an electric assisted dream!
Mast Compatibility and Motor Pods: We have a growing number of motor pods.  The best way to ensure you have the correct motor pod is to check the measurements against our table. If your mast is not listed, please contact us!
All Motor Pods are compatible with Foil Drive Assist and Assist PLUS.
The Foil Drive comes with 1 motor pod, add this item to the cart if you want an additional or spare motor pod.
Only available to existing Foil Drive customers. Not sold separately!

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Please note we do have a limited range of pods in stock, other items will be made to order and shipped, if you choose a custom pod for a mast set not currently supplied by foil drive, we will contact you with instructions and the next step.

Action Sports WA advocates the use of safety gear for all the sports we represent. Please bear in mind that Current legislation in Western Australia stipulates that for between 0m and 400m a rated flotation device is recommended, for distances more than 400m and less than 2 Nautical miles you must wear a rated flotation device PFD3 or higher. With any water sports, the use of a helmet and impact vest can minimise or prevent impact damage from stationary objects, or even your own equipment.
Charge hard but stay safe!


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 cm


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