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New high-strength fuselage 700 mm.

This new model, the SABFoil F700 High Strength Fuselage has been designed to enhance the fuselage strength and to guarantee higher resistance to our biggest front wings, thanks to the presence of threaded holes M8.

This setup also changes the position of the front wing and places the front wing closer to the mast giving a more nimble take off and a foiling experience that is more responsive while not sacrificing overall stability.   The 700 HS fuselage is the recommended choice for any of Moses or SABFOIL larger wing, 790, 873, 940,950 1100 and the new surfing wing 1250.
WARNING: verify the compatibility with Front Wings and Rear Stablisers. Not compatible with Moses Front wings with M6 screw holes only SABFoil Front Wings with M8 fittings

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Compatibility FW SABFoil W1100 SABFoil W1250 SABFoil W790 SABFoil W945 SABFoil W950 SABFoil W799 SABFoil 940
SABFoil F700 HS Fuse Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Compatibility RS RS370 RS483 RS450 RS421 RS399 RS330 RS325
SABFoil F700 HS Fuse Yes  Yes  Yes No No No No


Always keep the threaded holes clean and lubricate them often using lithium grease (code MHW033) to avoid and prevent oxidation and corrosion due to seawater. Always clean your fuselage with fresh water after use

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 76 × 5 × 5 cm


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