1500/250 NEW SIZE, 1250/215

-Excellent lift and power, the best lift of the range with plenty of power.
-Incredible white-water stability, even in white water the surf 1500 stays stable and guaranteeing endless flights.
-Prone surf and wing foiling capable, most versatile surf wing, compatible for kitesurfing, surfing and wing foiling.
-Unrivalled low-end range, huge low-end which gets you up in no swell and no wind.
-New mast profile with longer chord, the new mast profile with a longer chord length eliminates ventilation at high speed.
-Carbon front and back wing, ultralight carbon wings for the best performance.
-Fusion fit system, the innovative fusion fit system for a bomb proof and stiff connection.


The low aspect ratio profile has a huge amount of lift and opens a new realm of possibilities for slack line tricks and carves where no kite power is needed.
The wing provides the feeling that you can surf the wing rather than only be pulled around by the kite all the time. The wing provides an incredible stability in white water which makes it easy to surf in small waves. It is for those looking for a pure surf feeling in a kite foil.
The New Spirit Surf 1500 is the combination of years of design and experience in the water. The huge wing makes foiling easy, you can ride with an even smaller kite, or just get foiling before everyone else.
A new 250cm2 back wing for the 1500 delivers an incredible surf feeling.
The Spirit system is modular, and you can run different mast and wing configurations for various conditions.
The wings are big enough that an experienced surf foiler will be able to prone paddle into some waves and it will also work as a wing foil set up with the right board.
When you like to use a small kite as often as possible, even in lighter wind conditions and you are looking for the same set up to surf on no wind days, the Spirit Surf is your weapon of choice.

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Works great with

1500 Front Wing new 2021844mm214mm1500cm2
250 Rear Wing new 2021415mm76mm250cm2
1250 Front Wing 743mm211mm1250cm2
215 Rear Wing358mm74mm215cm2


*Maximum recommended mast size for Surf wing is 75cm
**Duotone Foils are supplied in 2 parts
Part 1- Wingset, includes front wing, rear wing, Wing covers & wing mounting bolts
Part 2- Foilset includes mast, fuselage, fuse & mast covers, fuselage bolts, allen keys, anti-seize paste & foil bag.

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions102 × 27 × 42 cm

SURF 1500 FW 250 RW, SURF 1250 FW 215 RW

Choose Mast Set

75mast/70 fuselage, 90mast/70 Fuselage


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