Stealth Electric Bike

5 Reasons to get an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are a great way to get around Perth. Whether you’re thinking about buying one or you’ve already got the bike of your dreams, this list will make you realise how good the electric bikes are.

  • Have Fun

The fun factor is a key factor in any purchase. The freedom that a bike gives you and the smile it will leave on your face from the first peddle to the last is something you’ll never be able to replace. If the cycle itself doesn’t interest you the fresh air, glorious sights and the lack of sweating when you do all of it makes it much more enjoyable!

  • Live Green, Save Money

With the power and capacity that most modern E-Bikes have you’ll easily be able to find a bike that’ll commute you to and from wherever you want to go. From fuel costs to public transport costs an E-Bike can look like a solid investment before you even start looking at the cost of insurance, maintenance and parking.

E-bikes carbon footprints are a fraction of motor vehicle equivalents if you measure any period of there life stage. A good rule of thumb for working out how much is costs to charge a electric bike you can multiply the kilowatt size of your battery by the cost of a kilowatt of power. For example the Stealth Electric Bikes P-7 has an optional 1.5kWh battery upgrade which gives a user up to 150km of range. As of June 4, 2018 the price per kilowatt in Western Australia was 28.33 cents, therefore a full charge will cost 42.5 cents. To put that into a usable number the P-7 will cost a user 0.28 cents per kilometre to run.

  • Go Further, Faster or Harder

Whether you want further, faster or harder the Electric bike market has something that will appeal to everyone. The P-7 offers a 100 kilometre range on the standard battery and the option of a upgrade to 150 kilometres of range. Meaning even the most avid adventurer will be able to satisfy their need to see the world.

For the people that want to go faster there are a number of options in the electric bike market. From E-Road bikes, larger motors and bikes that are a mix of the two. The most popular E-bike we sell is the Stealth B-52, this bike is build for private land use and features a 6.2 kW motor and a 2 kW motor is sure to tick just about any box you want it to.

  • Get Out More

With the ease of use an electric bike offers getting out and using the bike has never been easier. Whether it’s nicking out to the shops or shooting out to the local cafe, why bother with the hassle of finding a car park and messing around at traffic lights.

These small regular rides can quickly add up as well. Even with an electric motor helping you out you’ll find yourself peddling a lot more then you think. This is great news for your heart, lungs and stress levels!

  • Hills and Headwinds

The bane of the casual cyclist hills and headwinds can quickly turn a fun enjoyable day on the bike into a sweat inducing gut buster of a work out. Lucky for the Electric Bikes you can easily find a power mode that offers as much (or as little) help as you want it to. Making them great for the everyday user that’s not looking to run out of breath on the first ascent.

For this reason as well Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular with Mountain Biking groups. With a number of downhill bikes coming out in electric models it allows the avid downhill rider to spend more time negotiating the bit they enjoy! The F-37 is a great example of a downhill electric bike, relatively lightweight and super easy to cycle. This makes it ideal for running down any mountain you can chuck in front of it.


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