Kiteboarding lessons

Kitesurfing Lessons at Action Sports WA Kite School

Kitesurfing Lessons at Action Sports WA Kite School

So you think you can kitesurf??

You probably can, and if you can kitesurf and learned anytime in the last 20 years, there is a good chance you may have learned with Australia’s longest running and most respected kiteboarding school. Originally known as Australian Kiteboarding School, the school began with it’s founder and original instructor, Darren Marshall working from the back of a Ford Falcon Station wagon in 1999. Darren received his IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) instructor training qualifications in 2000 and went on to become an Instrutor trainer (IKO Examiner) where he taught for 5 years training more than 200 instructors world wide as well as hundreds of new kitesurfing beginners along the way. But that was more than 20 years ago …

History and technology in teaching

Over the years of teaching, the focus was always on providing the best quality and safest kitesurfing lessons possible. Every available technology and coaching technique was implemented to improve progression. When better techniques or technology became available it was immediately implemented. Australian Kiteboarding School (AKS) became the first to use UHF two way radio’s in water proof bags, zip tied to helmets to continue coaching whilst out of earshot. This worked ok but was only one way communication and made the helmets heavy oon one side. This rudimentary system was replaced with Headzone coaching helmets which was a big improvement, and replaced again recently (2016) to the current bb talkin’ two way mic’d and stereo helmets we use today. Action Sports WA (formerly Australian Kiteboarding School) has remained at the cutting edge of coaching kitesurfing ever since.

Technology is only one part of providing a good lesson. The content of the lesson had always been adapted to provide safe progression and it didn’t take long for AKS to move away from IKO as the content and structure wasn’t evolving fast enough. We wrote our own syllabus in 2007, and taught to what would much later become the basis for the national standard. Kiteboarding Australia Limited introduced a national standard in 2017 which we were immediately accredited to.

Best method of teaching refined

In the last twenty plus years, we have tried every conceivable coaching method, from trainer kites, to small group lessons, multiple instructor with multiple student groups, 1hr, 2hr, 2.5hr and even shared 3 hour lessons and everything in between. No matter what we tried, we keep coming back to the 2hr, one-on-one lesson. This lesson style has been at the cornerstone of our schools coaching for almost 20 years. 2hrs is the perfect amount of time to take in information and remain stimulated and motivated until the end of the lesson without being overwhelmed or fatigued. Most students take three x 2hr lessons to learn the basics. This is the best possible method of coaching for ultimate progression and retention of knowledge.

In 2010, Australian Kiteboarding School had a name change to align with the retail entity and became Action Sports WA Kite School. The name change was to encompass the other facets of the business, that being, foil boarding, Stand up Paddle foil surfing, and electric skateboards and electric bikes.

What we teach and how

In our lessons we aim to teach you all the skills to make you an independent and intelligent kiter, capable of making informed and sensibe decisions to continue your own progression safely. Learning to kitesurf is a default byproduct of the lesson plan. Learning what you need to know to avoid problems and danger, and what to do if things go wrong, allows you the confidence and freedom to learn by trial and error safely when not under instruction. Most students will be up and riding on the board in the end of the third lesson, but more importantly, you will be taught how to self learn the remainder without the need for more lessons.

All students have a “Student file” which contains detailed information about their progress in each session so any instructor can quickly know exactly what problems or strengths, and level they have achieved in previous lessons. This, coupled with our online pre lesson learning via electronic media, ensures you are well equipped to get the most from your time with us.

Our goals and outcomes for you

Our students are the best trained kiters in the country, seldom needing outside assistance, even when in troubled situations. Of course the only way you can train the students to such a high level is by hand picking the very best instructors. We take the very best applicants, then retrain them in our methods. Some instructors leave or are asked to leave us if they don’t adopt our methods or meet our standards which leaves us with just the best people, dedicated to taking their coaching to the next level and sharing their love of the sport with newcomers to the sport.  The passion for teaching and sharing knowledge is equally as important as the passion for the sport.

The best kitesurfing gear makes a difference

The kitesurfing equipment in Action Sports WA Kite school gets changed over every season so we remain current with the latest and best kites and the safest bars and equipment. We often mix the quiver of kites to best take advantage of the properties of individual models of kites which may have specific advantages over others. Every year we assess all the new kites and select the best for the school.  We often have different kites in the school from year to year.  All this happens to assist students to have the best possible experience and shortest and safest progression. This year we fly Ozone Alpha kites in the larger sizes for their ability to fly well in light winds. We use Duotone Neo’s for the bulk of lessons due to their stability and ease of use as well as Flysurfer Peak 4’s for uber light winds. The right tools for the right conditions make it easier to learn when not having to deal with kites that don’t work at their best in certain conditions.

After your lessons are over

Once lessons are over, the retail staff are happy to help you choose the right equipment to begin your solo journey. We offer generous discounts on new equipment and always offer free advice even if you don’t wish to buy from us.

We hope you choose to learn with Action Sports WA and take advantage of experience gained from many thousands of lessons over the decades, distilled into what we consider the best and most fun kitesurfing lessons available anywhere in the world.  It’s the Action Sports WA way!




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