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The SABFOIL WL LEVIATHAN WINGS are dedicated pump wings designed to fit the T8 fuselages from the Sabfoil Kraken Range.
This series of front wings is designed to lift early, be easy to pump, and have the greatest glide in the range, allows intermediate foilers to learn and progress in Dockstart, and SUP downwind and pump.
The choice of wing size will be dictated by rider weight and expected wind or wave conditions.

**NB. Due to their large sizes, SABFOIL LEVIATHAN wings are unsuitable for jumping and freestyle.**

-LEVIATHAN 950, The Leviathan 950 front wing is a highly efficient and versatile option for hydrofoil riders, designed to perform exceptionally well during downwind and wingfoil sessions in medium wind conditions and moderate swell.
With a medium surface area and AR, this front wing strikes the perfect balance between lift, speed, and manoeuvrability, making it ideal for riders of different experience level.
Whether you’re looking for an efficient ride, or you’re a seasoned rider who wants to push the limits of pumping, the Leviathan 950 front wing is the perfect choice for you.

-LEVIATHAN 1150, The Leviathan 1150 front wing, with its high wingspan, medium surface and high aspect ratio, offers quick starts and efficient rides for those already trained in pumping and dock-start. Thanks to its excellent gliding, it’s a great option also for wingfoil and downwind in medium-low wind conditions.
The reduced drag due to its relatively small surface area allows for very good speeds for its dimensions, making it a top choice for those who want to take the Leviathan experience to the limit.

-LEVIATHAN 1350, The Leviathan 1350 front wing is a versatile and high-performing option for hydrofoil riders. With its great glide and lift, this front wing is perfect for pumping and dock-start. Its high aspect ratio and efficiency make it ideal also for winging in low wind conditions and for downwind rides with a light swell.
For those looking for smooth rides, easy starts and great gliding, the WL1350 front wing is a perfect choice.

LEVIATHAN 1550, With its great surface area, wingspan and aspect ratio, the Leviathan 1550 front wing offers exceptional glide and lift, making it ideal for pumping and dock-start. The incredible efficiency makes it perfect also for flat water conditions and also for stand-up-paddling.
For those looking for easy starts, long glides, or SUP sessions, the WL1550 is an ideal choice.

-LEVIATHAN 1750, The Leviathan 1750 front wing is a unique piece of equipment for pump foilers, but above all for SUP enthusiasts.
It is designed specifically for flat water conditions and offers exceptional efficiency in gliding and take-off. Although its size may make it less manoeuvrable, it still provides an exciting and unmatched experience. With just a few paddles, you’ll be out of the water and gliding along at a speed that’s noteworthy for its huge size, allowing for maximum fun and minimal wait time for wind on the shore.
Its impressive dimensions and specs, including a huge wingspan, a great surface area and a very high aspect ratio, set the WL1750 apart in the market.
The Leviathan 1750 front wing is an excellent option for anyone looking for an innovative and performing piece of equipment, for SUP foil enthusiasts.

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**NB. Due to their large sizes, SABFOIL LEVIATHAN wings are unsuitable for jumping and freestyle.**

SURFACE AREA CM2 1300 1580 1870 2140 2400
ASPECT RATIO (W/H) 6.68 8.37 9.75 11.3 12.7
WINGSPAN mm 950 1150 1350 1550 1750

SABFOIL WL LEVIATHAN WINGS are designed to operate with the kraken system of masts and fuselage, and are compatible with T8 fuselages only! If you are unsure if this is compatible with your current set up, please contact us for clarification.



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Dimensions 200 × 30 × 10 cm
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WL 1150, WL 1350, WL 1550, WL 1750, WL 950


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