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S, M, L

-3 SIZES S, M, L

Too lazy to pump? Keep the struts of your kite inflated with this handy bag. Makes a quick getaway from the beach possible.
Also works well as a lightweight kite bag if you are travelling with a quiver bag and want to leave your heavier kite bags at home. The extendable section can be stuffed inside the main bag making an excellent stuff sack.
The M size is a good all-round size for most kite sizes.

S, 4m-9m
M, 10-14m
L, 15-18m

Works well with https://actionsportswa.com.au/product/duotone-teambag/
More info at https://www.duotonesports.com/kiteboarding/

Action Sports WA advocates the use of safety gear for all the sports we represent. Please bear in mind that Current legislation in Western Australia stipulates that for between 0m and 400m a rated flotation device is recommended, for distances more than 400m and less than 2 Nautical miles you must wear a rated flotation device PFD3 or higher. With any water sports, the use of a helmet and impact vest can minimise or prevent impact damage from stationary objects, or even your own equipment.

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Weight1 kg
Dimensions30 × 25 × 5 cm
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L, 15-18m, M, 10-14m, S, 4-9m


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