Core Sensor 2S Pro Foil Bar


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Core Sensor 2S Pro Foil Bar

Carbon Fiber Bar with Titanium Core
Full Techanium Vario 16m+2m+4m Line set
Full Techanium Light Wind 3m Line Extensions(Not Installed)
Ceramic Untwist
Techanium S-Slide Depower line
Rotor Quick Release
Supported Single Frontline Saftey (SSF)
Vario Bar Width 39cm/45cm
Above the Bar Sensor Trim Adjuster

Like all our kites, we optimize the XLITE for our ultralight Sensor bar systems. SLE foil kites are sensitive to heavy kite lines that sag and affect steering so investing in a good bar is worth every penny. And for the ultimate in XLITE performance, we recommend our new Sensor Foil bar.

The new mid-sized bar (39/45cm) comes with an all-carbon design and super adjustable lines that are 20% thinner. Thinner lines reduce drag, improve steering, and help water relaunching in marginal conditions. The bar comes with 22m Tectanium Vario lines (16m+2m+4m) that are 300+kg rated. And for extra measure, we include 3m extensions in the bag to give you the option to foil with 25m line lengths. Sensor 2S Pro Foil. It’s worth it.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 10 × 10 cm


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