700/215 new size, 565/215

-High aspect ratio wing design, a high aspect ratio wing design is responsible for great top end performance.
-Excellent top-end speed, designed as a free racing foil, you will be surprised by the top speed and easy it is to control.
-Unrivalled control and stability, from water start to top speed, you will always be in full control.
-Low drag for early foiling in light winds, the wing design offers exceptionally low drag, to get you going at the slightest breeze.
-Fusion fit system, the innovative fusion fit system for a bomb proof and stiff connection.
-Carbon front and back wing, ultralight carbon wings for the best performance.
-Wedges for rear wing fine-tuning, due to different wedges, the angle of the rear wing can be tuned in many directions.

If you have the need for speed, the GT is your speed demon! The most noticeable difference between the freeride wings and the GT is that the faster you go the more stable the GT becomes.

This stability at speed allows the committed foiler to really push the limits. The carbon wings are shaped for a minimum of drag, are built to go fast and like to be pushed to the limit.

New for 2021, the 700 GT features a carbon front wing that has been designed to offer incredible top-end speed with low drag.

This means heavier riders can get going in really light winds and hold lots of power too. The shape makes the wing incredibly stable, after all, what is the point of going fast with no control?

The Spirit system is modular, and you can run different mast and wing configurations for various conditions.

The Spirit GT is perfect for riders looking to go fast and fly upwind. If you want to be out there ripping along at a breathtaking speed, then the Spirit GT is the foil for you!


700 Front Wing new 2021655mm139mm700cm2
565 Front Wing587mm124mm565cm2
215 Rear Wing385mm74mm215cm2

**Duotone Foils are supplied in 2 parts
Part 1- Wingset, includes front wing, rear wing, Wing covers & wing mounting bolts
Part 2- Foilset includes mast, fuselage, fuse & mast covers, fuselage bolts, allen keys, anti-seize paste & foil bag.


Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions102 × 27 × 42 cm

GT 700 FW 215 RW, GT 565 FW 215 RW


Wingset only, 60cm/700, 75cm/700, 90cm/700


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