950/215, 700/215 NEW SIZE

-Best carving and perfect for fast waves ,the spirit carve is the perfect foil for smooth carving and always offers the right speed even for fast waves.
-High manoeuvrability, highest manoeuvrability from long carves to narrow turns.
-Fast wave riding, in waves the carve accelerates predictably and makes riding waves easy.
-Fusion fit system, the innovative fusion fit system for a bomb proof and stiff connection.
-Carbon front and back wing, ultralight carbon wings for the best performance.
-Wedges for rear wing fine-tuning, due to different wedges, the angle of the rear wing can be tuned in many directions.


The Duotone Spirit Carve wing was developed for maximum manoeuvrability and glide to perform tacks, jibes and 360s. Essentially, it’s a scaled down version of a pure surf foil wing.
The 950 lifts early and has an incredible stability for ripping smooth, controlled carves.
New for 2021, the Spirit Carve 700 has been designed to offer the ultimate flat water free ride platform for smaller riders who want a wing that can carve on a dime, but still have high levels of control.
This Carve is all about predictable glide, stability, seamless transitions, carving and that incredible smooth feeling that only free foiling can produce.
For those looking for a great cross over between a kite and surf foil feeling the Carve will have you super stoked!

For more Info:

Works great with:

950 Front Wing646mm185mm950cm2
700 Front Wing New 2021555mm158mm700cm2
215 Rear Wing358mm74mm215cm2

**Duotone Foils are supplied in 2 parts
Part 1- Wingset, includes front wing, rear wing, Wing covers & wing mounting bolts
Part 2- Foilset includes mast, fuselage, fuse & mast covers, fuselage bolts, allen keys, anti-seize paste & foil bag.

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions102 × 27 × 42 cm

CARVE 950 FW 215 RW, CARVE 700 FW 215 RW




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