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The SABFOIL M111 MAST  shape and profile are optimized to deliver the best possible performance and reduce ventilation.
Ideal for hitting the upwind mark on a Race Course, the 111 mast allows a higher angle without ventilating the wings, or hitting the rail of the board on the surface
A balanced mix of high resistance and high modulus carbon and a wood core guarantee the best torsion / stiffness ratio.

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Mast Height 1110 mm
Mast Weight 2363 g +/- 5%
Mast Maximun Thickness 13,5 mm
Board Connection Plate Joint

Compatible with FS647 kite fuselage, FS710 surf fuselage, FS700-HS Fuselage, FS604 Kite Race fuselage,

Action Sports WA advocates the use of safety gear for all the sports we represent. Please bear in mind that with Current legislation in Western Australia stipulates that for between 0m and 400m a rated flotation device is recommended, for distances more than 400m and less than 2 Nautical miles you must wear a rated flotation device PFD3 or higher. With any water sports, the use of a helmet and impact vest can minimise or prevent impact damage from stationary objects, or even your own equipment.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 117 × 15 × 26 cm


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