FREE Kitesurf lessons

Yes, that’s right, you can have your lessons for free, no dollars, not even $1, nada, zip, donut!

All you need to do is purchase your kitesurfing equipment from us from our latest range of kites, boards and harnesses.

  • Choose a current season kite from any of our major manufacturers (Duotone, Ozone, FlySurfer or Core)
  • Choose a current season board from any of our major manufacturers (Duotone, Shinn, Carved or Ozone)
  • Choose a current season waist or seat or shorts harness from either of our major suppliers (ION, Mystic, or Ride Engine)

So you get the latest and greatest, reliable and easiest gear to start your kitesurfing experience and you pay nothing for your lessons.  This can be done one of two ways: Either buy your own gear in the shop before starting your lessons and have a full set of lessons (6 hours) credited in your name for use in our excellent kite school, or, Pay for your lessons and do your training first and then come in and see us in the store for a discount for the 6 hours of lessons off of your gear. Easy!



FREE Foilboard lesson

You can learn foilboarding, quickly and safely for free when you purchase a board and foil from one of our suppliers (Duotone, SABFoil, Slingshot, Fanatic or Shinn).

All you need to do is purchase a current season Foil board and a foil set from the current season stock and you are entitled to a boat session as well as a 1hr kite session with one of our experienced foiling coaches.  The kitefoil lesson is one on one and you will likely share a lesson behind the boat with one or two others.  Lessons are highly advisable to learn quickly and safely.

So, What are you waiting for?