Quobba Fins, how it all began

Two Australian surfing mates who spent almost 40 years researching and producing a new design of surfboard fin believe they are set to revolutionise the world of surfing.

Glenn Miller and Wayne Blakeney have used the opening day of the World Surf League’s Margaret River Pro to unveil their creation, after they secured global patents for their design.

The Quobba fins — the name coming from the Aboriginal word meaning “first” or “best” — are designed to give board riders more speed and greater flexibility on the wave.

They were inspired by the movement of the fastest fish in the ocean and have taken 38 years and more than $2.5 million to develop.

Mr Miller, 61, said he first began thinking about the design of the fins in his early 20s.

“Basically being a surfer all my life I just wanted to make a surfboard go faster,” he said.

Mr Miller said the fins were designed to increase a surfboard’s speed by giving it lift through the water.

“We are creating a low pressure system around the base of the surfboard to help the fin system get sucked forward into that low pressure system as the surfboard moves through the water.

“The faster the water is moving around our fin, the more the pressure becomes lower.

“We have a saying, ‘the faster you go, the faster you go,’ because that is what is actually happening. It’s like a turbo.”

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