SAB was founded in 1994 by Stefano Baiardi as a company for the development and production of blades and accessories in composite material for RC helicopters.

SABHELI. In 2010 Stefano met Enrico Bernabei, an engineer passionate about RC helicopters, and together in 2013, they founded the new Sab Heli Division S.R.L. a company dedicated to the design, development, and production of entire RC helicopters in composite materials and related accessories. Thanks to this, SAB soon became the world leader in the sector with its main product, the Goblin helicopter.

Since 2015, SAB has entered the water sports market by adding the new MOSES HF ITALY brand, with which it develops and produces high-quality carbon fibre hydrofoils completely made in Italy, at the San Mauro Pascoli headquarters. MOSES is increasingly recognized as one of the best brands in this field.




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