2020 Forward WIP Pro Tec Top


Perfect for foil racing
Works seamlessly with WIP impact vest
Built in rib, elbow and shoulder protection
Optional back protector
Swiss Designed

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2020 Forward WIP Pro Tec Top

-Spandex base reinforced – to provide the best protection for vulnerable areas
-WIP pro technology, various panels with thermoplastic plates and high density foams to improve comfort when falling off the foil
– Lightweight, strong and flexible – designed to keep you nimble and moving
-WIP 3DS fit – body mapped means you will get the most comfortable fit possible
-Reinforcements: thermoplastic plates and high density foams
-80% polyamide / 20% spandex

If you’re serious about racing and want an effective protection system and to reduce the bruises after an awesome foiling session, then this is for you!
This Pro Tec top is equipped with numerous foam reinforcements and thermoplastic plates, placed in key places. to wear over Wetsuit, even under a set of race colours, it is today’s choice of protection for most foil racers.
Important work has been done on the different densities of reinforcement, to offer the best possible impact protection without losing comfort and freedom of movement.

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