1250, 1500, 1750, 2000

Efficiency and glide are what our new range of high aspect foils stands for. Developed specifically with Wing Foiling in mind, these new wings will take your foiling experience to the next level.

Our design team on Maui has spent months testing, analysing, and refining countless high aspect hydrofoil designs during Wing Foiling freeride, race and surf sessions, as well as SUP Downwinders and Prone Foiling.
The magic blend of efficiency, glide and speed combined with excitement and ease of use, when changing directions, led to a range of three new High Aspect front wings. Offering the lift and glide of a larger wing, with the speed of a smaller one – ideal for Wing Foiling at any level! Newly developed 250 and 300 back wings are the perfect match for these modern designs.

These new wings can be combined with our existing ultra-rigid AL750 mast and AL800 or AL640 fuselage.

Aero High Aspect Foil 1250: 1250 HAR front wing / 250 back wing. Our fastest setup is good for riders between 60-95kg with advanced level.

Aero High Aspect Foil 1500: 1500 HAR front wing / 250 back wing. Plenty of lift, speed and good pumping ability will cater for most riders between 70-100kg for Wing Foiling in all conditions as well as for SUP Downwinders for the lighter riders.

Aero High Aspect Foil 1750: 1750 HAR front wing / 300 back wing. Early take off and maximum glide combined with exciting speeds. Mid-sized to heavier riders will love the efficiency of this combo.

Aero High Aspect Foil 2000: 2000 HAR front wing / 300 back wing. Earliest take off, maximum glide and incredible pumping ability combined with exciting speeds. Heavier riders will love the efficiency of this combo.

Includes Front Wing, Rear Wing, Wing Covers and fuselage mounting hardware.

*Fanatic HAR wing sets are compatible with 640 short or 800 Standard Fanatic Aero Fuselages
** Not compatible with Fanatic Flow Foil System

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions104 × 30 × 10 cm
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1250/250, 1500/250, 1750/300, 2000/300


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