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Fanatic 14’0″ Falcon Carbon, Race, all disiplines – Distance and Downwind Bias
Drop shape outline with stabilizing square tail and increased nose width
Domed nose with added volume for quick nose recovery and water dispersion
Flat angled deck shape for secured stance and water release. Volume pulled out all the way to the rail
Hard release edges from center to tail, for maximum stability and clean water release
Clean open deck for easy maneuvering and kick turns
All models come with the super light ONE 9.75˝
The new Falcon Race is quite simply built for speed. The same board that has taken World Champions Angela Jackson, Olivia Piana and Chase Kosterlitz across the finish line can fly under your feet. With a revolutionary bow shape and adjusted scoop line, the Falcon Race is faster and more stable than ever before.
With a SUP race scene that’s experienced exponential world-wide growth over the last few years, Fanatic has concentrated vast effort into tuning four new race shapes, as well as the two proven 30˝ shapes. Testing was conducted all over the world – from Australia, to Florida, to Maui, to ensure these boards work as well in choppy ocean swell as they do in flat water. Special attention was made to ensure simple, easy foot steering in cross-wind and chop. The rails were designed with a unique goal in mind: to offer stability high on the rail, but reduce wetted surface at the bottom once paddling. The board truly lifts out of the water as you pick up speed, giving you that extra bit of glide to accelerate down the face, up and over the front of the next wave.
The cutting bow has been eliminated, the nose outline was integrated into the new design and is quite a bit wider now.
The new bow design ensures that the nose never catches or develops any self-steering. Added volume prevents the board from pearling so it always stays above the water.
The 2015 Falcon performs in flat water to chop to downwind runners. So all you need to do is match your body weight to the appropriate width Falcon.

14’0” x 24 3/4” 276 Litres

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