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Combine a Duotone Spirit Foil with a Pace, Indy or Hybrid surf shaped board and receive a 30% discount off the package,
Perfect for learning your first runs, the Duotone foil package will have you up and gliding and gybing in no time at all.

The Foils1
Choose the GT if you want to go fast, or the Carve or Surf if you want to cruise or go out in the waves.
The GT (supplied with 90cm mast) comes in 2 sizes 565 or 700. The 565 is perfect for riders 95 kilos or less, and the 700 for riders 80 kilos and above. While the GT can go fast, it’s still stable and easy enough for you learn and progress on.

The Carve foils  (supplied with 90 cm mast), 950 or 700, are perfect for the rider who wants to do a bit of everything.  They cruise and carve gracefully, but because of their medium size your 9 or 10m kite can become your 10knot light wind weapon.

The Surf Foil (supplied with 75cm Mast) is great for the rider that wants to match low wind kiting with prone surf. In either 1250 or 1500 these ultimate low end cruising foils are for a more generously sized rider under a kite.Otherwise you can pair with a prone foil board to take off from just a foam ball.

The Boards
The Duotone Pace Boards2 are the perfect all round kite foil board, with a comfortable volume, they are great for water starts either strapped or strapless, the volume also helps when learning on the foil transition likes tacks or gybes and is super comfortable to ride toeside.

As local borders loosen up and allow Interstate travel, the Duotone Hybrid board3 is the perfect travel companion, if you want to Kite Foil and kite Surf and just carry one board, it is the choice for you!  Also available 2020 Duotone Hybrid, which features the Pro construction from 2020.

If the GT foil is your flavour and you just need to get the last ounce of performance out of your gear try the Indy2. Perfect for social or serious race.  At just 3.5kilo,it will have you flying around the race course and pushing for pole position. The Indy matched with the GT foil has a top speed of more than 30 knots in total stability allowing you to push harder than you thought possible from fast freerace gear.


1Foils Supplied with hardware, covers bag, tools and anti sieze gel. (GT and Carve supplied with 90cm mast, Surf with 75cm mast)

2Pace and Indy supplied with fitted deckpad, straps, screws and washers and mounting hardware

3Hybrid Board includes thruster surf fins and foil mounting hardware.   Does not include deckpad or straps

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions175 × 37 × 55 cm
Choose Your Foil

GT 700/90, CARVE 700/90, SURF 1250/75, SURF 1500/75, GT 565//90

Choose your Board

PACE 4'2, 2020 HYBRID 5'0, 2020 HYBRID 5'2


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