Core XR5

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-Delta Bow Shape
-5 Strut Canopy
-ExoTEX Dacron
-CoreTEX Canopy
-Short Bridle
-Adjustable settings


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Core Kites are supplied as kite only

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Core XR5, Performance Freeride/Big Air
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5, 15LW, 17LW, 19LW

Meet the new XR5 and experience the latest iteration in CORE performance. The kind of performance only achieved after a decade of incremental and innovative improvements. A process that thoroughly tests each iterative design change while retaining its character-defining DNA before moving on to the next. And in the end, building a power delta bow kite that unleashes pure freeride awesomeness.

As a member of the Universal series of kites, the XR5 is designed to perform in all conditions and disciplines. Like the gusty conditions typically found on big inland lakes. Or fast oceanfront beach breaks. A Universal Series kite is also designed to excel in one area, and for the XR5, it’s power freeriding, a catch-all that includes huuuge airtime and hooked-in freestyle mastery.

You’ll find the 5th generation XR delivers linear control in the gusts and power in the lulls for relaxed cruising, explosive boosts, and sublime wave riding. But don’t take our word, though, and decide for yourself. Visit a CORE demo site near you and experience the XR5’s chameleon-like ability to transform to any riding style. Or visit your local authorized CORE retailer soon for a close-up look.

The XR5 incorporates the concave trailing edge of a traditional bow kite and swept back wings of a delta kite. Our airfoil is engineered to rip upwind when underpowered, boost bigger on demand and get you planing first! You will see major changes in the XR5’s tip geometry and shape for even more control in the air and on the water.

This kind of muscle needs five struts. The bombproof, five strut exoskeleton frame is a critical component in the XR5 design to stabilize the additional power created by our Intelligent Arc system. The struts feature new geometry and improved segment stitching that yields better strength, stiffness, and connection to the canopy without increasing its mass.

The benchmark for performance Dacron. ExoTex Dacron incorporates a new thread structure and emulsion (protective coating) process that enables the XR5 to have a higher-pressure airframe with a noticeably thinner leading edge and struts. ExoTex substantially increases tube strength and rigidity despite reducing diameters. No-stretch ExoTex improves airflow, flight stability, and rider feedback by eliminating leading edge seam bulging. Expect snappy turns. Explosive lift. And endless smiles on your new XR5.

Exclusive to CORE. Our, industry leading, triple ripstop canopy fabric is protected and strengthened with a special coating process. CoreTex sets new benchmarks in breaking strength, tear resistance, longevity, UV protection and elongation. Feel the tight, crisp signature only a CoreTex kite delivers.

Intelligent Arc is a bridle configuration that modifies the airfoil on demand in a linear and direct way. Like a bird that spreads its wings to generate more lift, the XR5 increases its wingspan with a pull on the bar. Likewise, sheeting out makes the kite fold in its wings and depower. Intelligent Arc helps you rip upwind, extends your float time, and cushions your landings. We further opened up the XR5’s wing tips to maximise the effect.

Short and sweet. The XR5 features improved locations for the leading-edge bridle connections. The super short bridle system improves feedback so you can better feel your kite’s position. In the larger kite sizes, this reflexivity increases even more so. Just imagine a kite that practically anticipates every turn, as if it’s hot-wired to your brain

Kite speed and steering feel are a matter of choice. Your choice. With adjustable back line and front bridle connection points, our quick adjusting trim system gives you the freedom to customize your ride

**2018 CORE Kites are supplied kite only and are compatible with CORE Sensor Bars including Sensor 2 and Sensor 2S . LW Kites includes 3m extension lines

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 70 × 50 × 20 cm


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