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Three strut design
Future C shape
Radical reaction tips
CoreTex Fabric
Short Bridle System
HF Dacron

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The brand new three strut construction of the GTS3 is revolutionary rather than evolutionary. Nevertheless GTS fans will instantly feel right at home. They will however be amazed at the playful precision, the noticeable improvement in unhooked characteristics, plus the incredible lift and hang-time.

Three Strut Design
Two less struts results in two additional advantages: Firstly, the GTS3 now turns faster and more directly – new levels of performance have been achieved especially with kiteloops and while wave riding. Secondly, it’s noticeably lighter and more perfectly balanced. Whenever the lines lose tension the GTS3 holds true in position.

Future C Shape
C-Kite-Feeling at its best. Even though the GTS3 turns incredibly fast and direct, the kite still remains easily controllable in each turn. This is thanks to the proven Future-C, which has been cut even deeper with the GTS3, resulting in a precise and predictable turning radius.

Radical Reaction Tips
The tips of the GTS3 are pure precision. Thanks to a noticeably thinner, specifically defined flight profile and a newly designed trailing edge they are optimized to the agility of the 3 Strut Construction. A further reason why turning impulses are instantly translated without hesitation.

CoreTex Fabric
The fabric exclusively developed for CORE is protected and strengthened with three different coating processes. In this way CoreTex® sets new records in load tests, tear resistance, longevity and UV protection. This is noticeable during your session thanks to the crispness experienced whilst flying your kite and another reason why CoreTex® was obvious choice for the GTS3.

Short Bridle
Short Process. The super short bridle system is another deciding factor allowing the GTS3 to transform rider input quickly and directly. The bridle geometry has once again been revised and with this, the GTS3 has become, more than ever, a wave and kiteloop machine.

HF Dacron
A sophisticated mix of materials. The kite fabric and tips of the GTS3 have been precision finished, to a defined percentage, with our new HF-Dacron. HF stands for Hard Finish, a harder, coated Dacron variation that stiffens the kite skeleton in the steering relevant areas. In addition, it optimizes the energy distribution of the steering input into the kite fabric.

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