BEST 2015 Procreator

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– Best pro team designed, improved and proven crossover freestyle and wakestyle board
– New bottom shape features rail steps and channels on tips
– 100 % spread tow carbon construction for advanced pro-level performance
– New 3D torsion shock absorber in finite element technology


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2015 BEST ProCreator, freestyle/wakestyle

This slick board is created by our pro team, competing in the world tour. It is built with all the features needed to win freestyle and wakestyle contests.
Thanks to the latest high tech materials, it delivers pro-level performance.
The ProCreator is constructed with Toray carbon fibre, a 3D milled Supremo Wood Core, Basalt Fibre Tech and a 100% spread tow carbon construction.
The 3D torsion shock absorber on top of the board takes in all the hard landings and chop, while the optimized rocker and the bottom design provide you with unlimited control and grip.
For 2015 we added additional concaves and designed a new bottom shape with rail steps and channels on the tips, steering the water flow and enhancing the grip. With the ultra strong block inserts, the ProCreator begs to be ridden with boots. Failure is not an option, so go out there and win!

BEST ProCreator includes fins

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Dimensions1.55 × 0.5 × 0.2 cm


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