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2020 Duotone Select Textreme, Performance Freeride
132, 135, 138, 141

The special construction, rocker and outline, makes it the fastest board in the range.
Connected and comfortable, great in choppy conditions.
The lightweight construction offers an easy and responsive ride.
The fastest and easiest to ride bottom concept. It can be carved easily through turns and always delivers the right grip. It planes early, allows smaller fins and helps to go upwind with ease.
The Textreme carbon and 45° Biax carbon construction ensures a dynamic ride and an incredible
Medium flex combines competition performance with everyday comfort. Precise adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every possible riding condition.

What happens when you take the ultimate freeride twin tip and give it the Textreme tune up? In short, You get one of the best kiteboards on the planet, pure and simple!

Part of the Duotone line up for years and the first Textreme Board on the market, now the Select Textreme is the ultimate freeride twin tip. Firstly, Using knowledge gained from Textreme carbon construction over the years, the Select is now lighter, faster and snappier. Above all, this translates to a lively feel underfoot with fantastic feedback for the rider. In addition, the medium flex offers incredible pop while still giving a smooth ride through chop. You’ll discover a very user-friendly board when you ride the Select Textreme.

Boasting incredible carving capabilities and high top speeds with total control it’s a kiteboard that will have you smiling every session. Perfect for strapped riders looking to take their freeriding to the next level. However it also excels for boosting, cruising, blasting out speed runs and some old school airstyle moves too. By taking the winning shape of the Select and using some of the most advanced construction techniques and materials the Select Textreme is the freeride kiteboard by which all others are measured.

In conclusion, if you want the best you can get for freeride, this is it.

*Duotone Twin Tips are compatible with the 2020 Entity Ergo footpad system, as well as, older Duotone & North Entity or Vario Footpads.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 145 × 45 × 10 cm
Board Size

132cm, 135cm, 138cm, 141cm


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