2019 Ride Engine Shredtown



Cushy impact-protection from features and hard crashes
20-piece foam segmentation maximizes comfort and maneuverability
Made from high-end Limestone-based neoprene
Closes with full front zipper, snaps and double buckles


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2019 Ride Engine Shredtown, Kite/Wake/Foil

The Shredtown Pro is custom designed by the most recognized group of athletes in wake, the Shredtown Crew. This stylish and fully-functional impact vest offers a boost of floatation and invaluable protection from the splat landings and collisions with hard obstacles that are mandatory with this hard-charging crew of riders. Custom designed by the Shredtown Crew, this vest is constructed with high-grade limestone neoprene and is not treated with chemicals or hydrophobic coatings that wash off over time.
The NEW 360 degree drop tail skirt fights belly shirt and plumber vibes and also helps to secure the vest around the rider’s waist. Ride in style and at ease with RE water goods!

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions60 × 40 × 5 cm


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