2019 Duotone Entity Combo

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NTT Track System
Easy adjustment
Fits all NTT boards
2 sizes

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2019 Duotone Entity Combo

An ergonomically shaped and highly versatile footpad, guaranteeing maximum hold and comfort.
Taking into consideration that every foot is different, the Duotone Entity is an ergonomically shaped and highly versatile footpad. Offering a variety of settings via its numerous features, we ensure a perfect fit for each individual that not only looks great but is quick and easy to mount and adjust.

Commonly Asked Questions
Q -What size pads and straps are recommended for my Duotone board?
A – S/M is fitted to boards smaller than 134cm and all Soleil models, L/XL is fitted to boards larger than 135cm

Q – Will the new Duotone Entity combo fit on my older North Board?
A – Duotone NTT pads will fit on any older North board with the NTT Track System.

Q – My board doesn’t have a track system will the NTT Combo system work?
A – The NTT Combo will only work with boards that feature the NTT Track, Some riders have modified NTT to work with other boards, any modification will void any manufacturers Warranty, Duotone and ActionSportsWA do not recommend this course of action

Q – If I have purchased the NTT system for my other manufacturer’s board and it doesn’t work can I return them for a refund?
A – We are happy to replace faulty items but if you purchase against our advice we cannot provide refunds, sorry. By all means, bring your board in a see if they will fit, but most boards will produce a set up with Zero-Duck, or Excessive-Duck, neither are practical for riding

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions50 × 40 × 15 cm


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