Axis K-Series 545 Freeride Foil

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Short mast – 45cm *

The 45cm mast makes learning to foil much easier.

Tuttle box converter *

Converts the base mount to deep tuttle

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Axis K-Series 545 Freeride Foil, Freeride/Freestyle/All-Round

Included mast length: 90cm (35.4 inches)
Included front wing: 545mm (Wingspan) Carbon
Included rear wing: 320mm G-10

The AXIS K-Series Foil is the ideal foil for freeride kite riding. Leveraging the S-Series construction, the K-Series is incredibly strong, stiff, and responsive under your feet. Each component is rigid, and connected strongly, creating a foil system that will transfer your input from your feet much quicker and with stability. When we compared our newly designed mast (19mm thickness) to other masts on the market (15mm thick), we found that our mast is 224% stiffer. In short, a huge improvement in feel and performance. You need to ride our foils to feel the difference.

Our new front wings are a molded carbon construction. The 545 is a brand new wing for 2019. Designed for allround performance, smooth progression and quick side to side transitions. The 545 is a Carbon wing with beautiful flow and lines, lightweight and strong. If you are looking to progress quickly, make your transitions fast and lose. All while not compromising on speed, look no further.

All our K-Series wings are very efficient and the more you push them, the faster they go. But we have also designed them with easy of use, and learning in mind. For our wings we utilize a non-laminar flow foil section, which means the surface of the wing is less critical than a typical laminar flow foil. In short, scratches or abrasions won’t cause a noticeable change in performance of the foil. AXIS’  wings are designed with a non-laminar flow foil section which means that they are easy to ride and easy to maintain.

The red anodized aluminum mast sections connect perfectly with precision CNC machined fuselage and base plate. Stainless steel torx screws connect the components with included premium Tef Gel Anti-seize lubricant for maximum corrosion resistance. It all packs into a handy travel case.

The AXIS Fuselage, CNC cut from cold forged Aluminum, and CNC cut Base Plate have been precisely shaped so the mast sections fit in a 20mm deep socket. This provides the strongest junction and eliminates unwanted movement. While the standard mast included in the AXIS Aluminium Freeride Foil setup is the 90cm (35.4 inches), we have optional mast lengths to follow the rider progression and local conditions.

All of our components use the 316 SS Torx screws to connect. After extensive testing, we concluded Torx doesn’t strip as easily and you can get a tighter connection with it. A Torx driver is also included in the kit. Also included is a tube of Tef-Gel anti-sieze lubricant to protect against corrosion in the harsh marine environment.

The Aluminum Foil comes in a travel case that can store multiple mast sections and wings. In addition to the foil, we offer a range of optional foil accessories, foil board bags and foil covers.

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