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Strike, Performance Flat-water Race
14’0 x 24 240L approx. 9.75kg, 14’0 x 26.75 260L approx. 10kg
-Minimum curved scoop rocker line from tail to nose for maximized waterline and clean release
-Narrow, parallel outlines for the best combination of speed, low drag and stability
-Deep cutting bow combined with new rail-flaps for optimized water dispersal and limited nose diving for a constant water flow
-Wide square tail allows for quick kick turning and additional stability
-Lightly round bottom shape for highest speeds, transforming into a V in the tail for stable and neutral behaviour
-Flat V-deck shape in the standing area for quick water drainage
-Volume pulled all the way to the rails for maximum stability
-New low volume curve in the nose to minimize side wind effects and reduced nose weight
-CAD analyzed precision
The Strike is a zero compromise long distance flat-water racing machine. Developed for pure function and top average speeds, it’s the formula needed to win races.
After intense research and development over the last year, including hydrodynamic studies and diligent testing of our Pro Team, the Falcon flatwater line evolved into the Strike. A line that consists of two highly tuned 14’0” feet carbon hulls in widths of 24” and 26.75”.A deep cutting bow flawlessly separates both glassy and choppy waters, whilst the rounded bottom into V releases the tail so it can glide unhindered across the surface. The new nose section is key for the high average and top speeds that are easily maintained with the Strike. The wings on either side keep the nose up and the waterline clean and uninterrupted with each stroke. As a consequence, Fanatic were able to reduce the rocker curve to a minimum, which resulted in a maximized waterline for super consistent glide, a winning factor from start to finish. 
The new bow design prevents water coming on-board, as a result they were able to reduce the curve of the deck. Less sensitivity to wind and chop are additional improvements to further extend your lead when conditions get rough. A wide squaretail offers quick turning and extra stability in all situations.
Fanatic’s high tech Carbon Technology and a specially designed RTM Race Fin underline our relentless pursuit of perfection in SUP racing design
Carbon Sandwich Light Finish (CS/LF)
Top quality, high spec Biax Carbon has an impeccable weight to stiffness ratio, including a fantastic dynamic flex as result of its very fine weave. Used for all Falcon 12’6” and 14’0” models as well as the Strike, maximum stiffness, along with a new matt finish optic, results in maximum weight savings.

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Weight18 kg
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