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Stand Up Paddle Lessons

Stand Up Paddle lessons on the Swan River, Perth from Action Sports WA on Vimeo.



Stand Up Paddle or SUP is easy, especially when have right gear for your height, weight and needs.  Practically anyone can be paddling within minutes and our customers range from 6 to 70!  

PLEASE NOTE: We generally teach only 15 years of age upwards in our regular SUP lessons.  We can accommodate children also but in order to deliver a first class experience for all participants, we prefer to teach children and do children's parties etc separately.  Please contact us on (08) 92408547 during business hours if you wish to bring children along prior to your lesson date.

Our largest boards are very stable and make paddling as easy as walking on a jetty. Most of our customers don’t get wet above their ankles.

Stand up paddle is like most rewarding things in life easy to pick and difficult to master, while the basics can be learnt easily in a 90 minute session, for those that want to progress and become more than a social paddler there is plenty of ‘depth’ to the sport.

These group sessions are fun, easy going and enjoyable but focused on everyone walking away with good technique and ability.  Our Beginners class is supposed to be fun as well as an instructional session.  We take a light hearted approach to the beginner’s class, keeping it fun and interesting.

Each person is given a paddle and board to suit their body weight and physical size from our large selection of quality gear so you get the best equipment and conditions to make your first SUP experience one you won't forget, and one you will recommend to your friends.

Make a booking HERE.


All of our paddle classes are held at Bardon Park, Bardon Place, Maylands just off Fourth Avenue off Guildford Rd.  This location features a sandy beach protected by the surrounding landscape and works in most wind directions. Toilets, BBQ's, 2 x Children’s playgrounds (just adjacent to the launch spot and car park), and a grassy park make this the ideal location for an early morning training session, or a family friendly meeting place so you can join your partner before you, or he/she paddles.


We think you'll be so impressed with the sport and our level of professionalism with correct instruction and correct gear, that you'll absolutely love it.  In fact we're so confident you'll love it, that if you aren't totally happy with the level of instruction and service you receive from ActionSportsWA and our staff, we will offer a full refund of the cost of the lesson and give you another lesson for free.


Our lessons cost $50 and are charged at the time of booking via credit card or paypal.  If you go onto purchase a board from us, we will refund the cost of the lesson against the purchase price of the board.  

You can book HERE!   


Lessons start on the beach for a few minutes and then you are on the water learning control and posture, balance and stroke, turning and stopping.  The lessons are designed to be fun and progressive and in groups of up to 10 people.  Paddling is quickly addictive, fun and easy enough for anyone to do it.  

The things we will teach you will be:

•How to carry your board and paddle.

•Getting on and off your board.

•Balance and staying upright.

•Correct paddling/stroke technique

•Dealing with boat wash/waves

•How to paddle in high wind or other situations

•Trimming of the board

•Methods of turning (stationary, moving and Pivot)

•Recovery after a fall

Once you decide to buy your own SUP gear from our store, we'll deduct the cost of any beginner classes from the purchase price of the board (up to $100) and then you can join our SUP technique classes for free with your own gear as often as you like. 

We run our beginner’s classes at 8.00am and 9.30am on a Saturday Morning between September and May.


Once you have purchased a board from us you are able to attend our Paddle Technique and fitness classes at Hillary’s.  These are free (to our customers) and during these 60 minute sessions our instructors concentrate on several key areas.  These include the critical phases of the paddle stoke, Catch, Power Stroke, Release and Return. Other areas are trimming, moving around the board for surf and downwind, keeping your board in a straight line while paddling on a single side.

These classes are held on a Tuesday and Thursday at 6-7.00am September-May at Hillary’s Boat ramp.


These paid clinics include surf theory, practical group and 1 on 1 coaching.  These are limited to customers who have bought board packages and cannot be attended by non-customers.

Our aim is to get the average beginner catching their first party wave with the rest of the group and sharing the stoke.  

These have a minimal cost of $75 for tuition and includes classroom theory at our Balcatta store. This is followed by a drive to Lancelin, overnight stay at the Lancelin lodge, dinner at the pub and surf early in the morning.  Travel, accommodation and dinner at your own expense.  Those customers who choose to forgo the overnight stay usually meet us at 7.00am at the lodge.

These are run every month between October and May, depending on conditions and instructor availability.

Contact us to book your spot on a beginner class by calling 08 9240 8547 or, click "BOOKINGS", you can also send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..