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Welcome to Action Sports W.A. - SUP Division

Stand Up Paddle lessons on the Swan River, Perth from Action Sports WA on Vimeo.

Action Sports WA's Stand Up Paddle shop, situated north of the Swan River on Erindale road, Balcatta,  has Perth's best range of top quality stand up paddle boards and paddles to make getting into paddling easy. We cater for all ages and budgets and are driven by fun in the waves, on the ocean and on the river.  Stand up paddling is a social and fun sport that offers great fitness benefits whilst enjoying the sun and water with family and friends.  It's easy to be overwhelmed by choice of gear when looking to get into SUP.  Let us help you into the right board and paddle to suit your needs and budget. 

Action Sports WA is Perth's most energetic and active stand up paddle shop, situated at 30 Erindale Road in Balcatta,  just 200m from the Erindale Road exit on the Mitchell Freeway.  Our mission is to be the "go to guys" when it comes to all things Stand Up Paddle.  This is not just limited to boards and paddles, but apparel, SUP accessories like trolleys, storage systems, hydration gear, protection accessories and even roof racks which we will fit for free whilst you wait for your board to be readied.

Our range of boards includes; all round/social/family, race, kids, downwind and wave boards in sizes to suit most anybody. Having a large range of major brands of boards from Fanatic, Surftech Naish, SIC Maui (Sandwich Island Composites), Ocean and Earth and Imagine, and performance paddles from Quickblade, Fanatic, Ocean and Earth and Naish, we are able to draw from a very wide and diverse range of quality boards and accessories to suit every paddlers exacting requirements.

Having said that, just having a a great lineup of sought after boards doesn't make you the "go to store", we know our products well and use all of our products, so can speak from first hand experience. Every product we sell is something that gets us excited!  We put in a minimum of 15 hours each per week paddling on the water and countless additional hours on our Ergo trainer in the shop so we know technique and the technical side of the sport inside and out.  We can offer you personal insights on almost every board we sell, because we ride them!

Action Sports WA offers a range of services to compliment our product range. We conduct regular SUP lessons to persons whom wish to get more out of their paddling and start off on the right track with correct technique.  Correct technique can help prevent injuries, give you better endurance and more efficient use of effort.  Lessons are in small groups and all latest quality, equipment is supplied.  

We can even train you to paddle with style, power and technical perfection without you going anywhere near the water on our "in-store" SUP Ergo paddle trainer simulator.  This machine is cutting edge technology and is setup with laptop so you can not only feel your paddling right, but also see it graphed!  We are the only shop in WA with this machine and the know how to get the most from it.

Stand Up Paddleboards Perth also offers our very popular fitness training sessions to help you have fun, lose weight, gain fitness in a social setting.   Fitness sessions are conducted on our boards or your own and incorporate some traditional exercises as well as interval and resistance training both on the water and also partly on the beach.  The classes are designed to work the entire body as well as work the cardio system for better fitness and vitality.  Most of all, the session is a lot of fun and doesn't really feel like a workout unless you take the more advanced classes.  The social side of the training is the glue that binds the lot together.  This is not like training at a gym, this is fun and social and you just happen to have a great workout from a carefully designed and balanced program.

Action Sports WA (formerly Stand Up Paddle Perth) is committed to growing and nurturing the SUP community in Perth by introducing fun race and surf days and other participation based events to increase social activity and presence.  Drop into our shop in Balcatta or call or email us for more information on any of the above.

If you want more information on any of our training or beginner days, call us at the shop on 08 9240 8547 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

See you out there!