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Welcome to Action Sports W.A. - Kite Division

Opening Hours Winter

Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5.30pm

Saturday 9.00am to 3.00pm

Sunday, Monday and Public Holidays Closed


Welcome to Action Sports W.A. - Kitesurfing Division

You've searched for kiteboarding lessons in Perth and have come to the home of Kitesurfing lessons in Perth.  We are now the longest running kiteboarding school in Australia, being established in 2000, and have a reputation for the best lessons and the best kitesurfing beginner packages in Perth.  We haven't been around this long by accident!  Our lessons are designed to get you up and riding quickly without skipping over any of the more important steps to make you confident and independent.  Check out our lessons

Our shop located at Unit 10/30 Erindale Rd, Balcatta, WA 6021 and is packed full of the latest kitesurf equipment both new and second hand.  We have cheap gear to get you on the water as well as premium brands for quality, performance and durability.  Check out our shop to see what we offer. 



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Action Sports W.A., formerly known as Australian Kiteboarding (AKS) has grown into the best stocked retail shop in W.A. We aim to provide our customers with a one stop shop offering everything the more discerning kiter could wish for.

Front of new shop Action Sports W.A. is dedicated to the water and the people who ride on and in it. We bring to the shop only the best gear we can lay our hands on and then the thing needed to drive it; mad passion for fun on the water. Darren Marshall, the owner of Action Sports W.A. is a keen waterman, and has been all his life, engaging in almost every water sport (water skiing, dinghy racing, ocean yacht racing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, freediving, spearfishing, surfing, SUPping, and underwater photography). It's this enthusiasm for fun in the sun and the saltwater that we select our range of gear so that we can share our fun with you. We have to be passionate about riding it or wearing it. If we can't get excited about the gear we sell, what hope have you got?

Every year we have a huge range of new gear inbound from all of our suppliers as well heaps of fresh new products. We can't wait until we are allowed to share pictures and info of the new gear. It's so hard to go to a dealer meeting, get to play with all the new products and then not show pictures of the stuff that lights our fuse for so long.

Kitesurf section ASWAThe new shop in Balcatta is fantastic and will allow our customers more range, better choice and better service. Getting new customers into some sensational new gear has also been a great pleasure. Our staple brands are North, Core, Ozone and Ikon.  These brands represent the pinnacle of kite and board manufacturers.  We only stock the best brands and models which we feel operate the best in our local conditions.

It's all good and deifinately fun, so come on along on the 2014 ride and we may just have a few surprises for you in store and at the beach. ;-)


Action Sports W.A. products....


Our shop showcases our full range of products and equipment. Being a passionate Kitesurfing Shop, we are so focused on kite related stuff to make sure we carry a huge range of all the stuff you might need. We endeavour to keep stock of most sizes of kite, board or harness on display or at least in our store so you can walk out of the store with the choice of kite or board you wanted under your arm to take straight across to the beach and go play. Nothing more frustrating than having to wait for your latest purchase to arrive.

Our range of kites and boards come from strong, high quality brands with excellent back up such as Ozone, North, Core and Ikon. These four kite brands produce epic models such as Reo, C4, Catalyst, Zephyr, Rebel, Vegas, Fuse, Evo, Dice, GTS2 and Riot XR3, and many others ...

Our amazingly complete board range are supplied by North, and Core offering us legendary models such as Jaime Pro, X-Ride, WAM, Whip, Pro Wave, Fusion Team and Gambler and so many more....

The diverse styles of our sport will be covered in store by stocking Race, Freeride, Freestyle, Wave and surf focused equipment. Currently we have more than 50 kites to peruse and our board racks will be stocked with more than 30 different type and sizes of boards to suit every rider. We aim to keep most sizes in stock in most models, yes, this means we have a lot of stock on hand to make sure we can fill your needs immediately!

We take pride in offering special service to the ladies of the sport with Perth's most complete range of harnesses for women from ION, Flying Objects, Pat Love and Maui Magic. We also create custom boards for the ladies with smaller footstraps, narrower stance, custom flex, custom graphics and smaller sizes. We offer two manufacturers which have kites most suited to ladies also.

Our shops stock plenty of demo equipment for both wave, freestyle and freeride.

Our Current 2014 demo fleet comprises of:

North Dice 12m, 9m, 7m, North Rebel 9m, North Vegas 9m, North Evo 9m


Core XR3 12m, 9m, Core GTS2 10m,

Ozone Reo 9m, Ozone Catalyst 10m.

Ikon Peak 12m and 9m

North Jamie 136, North Xride 135, North Select 135, Core Fusion 137.

North Whip 5'7", North WAM 6'0", North Pro Series 6'2", Core Ripper 6'0"

Over the Summer Months our school operates from Pinnaroo Point, North of Hillary's.  At just $200 for a 1-on-1, 2 hr private lesson we beleive we offer the best value kite lessons in Perth

You can follow our progress on Facebook here on a daily basis