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Evolve Electric Skateboards


Action Sports WA are stoked and proud to represent Evolve Electric Skateboards as an Official Evolve Electric Skateboard dealer in Perth's northern Suburbs.  We are located at Unit 10/30 Erindale Road, just off the Mitchell Freeway in Balcatta and can freight to anywhere in the state.

Evolve electric skateboards are at the cutting edge of design and performance when it comes to electric skateboards designed to produce the ultimate carving experience.  Once you have had a test ride on the current GT Carbon series or GT Bamboo series boards, you can never go back.  If you have ever surfed, snowboarded, water ski'd, skated or wakeboarded, you'll know the addiction to the sensation of the feel of carving a long powered smooth carve turn.

Unfortunately, all of the above sports require snow, wind, waves or hills to scratch that itch ... until now.  If I can't get to the mountains or the surf, I need to carve and the easy answer is the Evolve boards.  

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As a commuter, the Evolve boards are the perfect answer to taking the car.  By using Perths rail network to cover the vast range and riding the Evolve boards to the station and then from the station to work and back, you have a very economical and really fun way to get to work and back.  Maybe forget the train altogether and just skate to and from work.  With a range of up to 50km on a charge, you have no excuses!

Evolve GT BAmboo ATWeighing only 9kgs, the boards are easily carried on a train or into a shop, the Evolve electric boards make "ducking down to the shops to grab some bread and milk" a chore you'll want to do regularly.  Any excuse for a quick skate!

The two models of board share the same running gear with exception to the battery, but both offer a very different ride.  The Evolve GT Carbon series is a longer carbon deck with the thin Lithium battery set encased partially into the underside of the deck giving an unmatched slim and lightweight, "techy"design.  The Evolve GT Bamboo series offers a flexy deck with slightly shorter wheel base made for pure carving.


Evolve GT Carbon Series

The Evolve GT Carbon Series board is a classy tech inspired longboard with twin rear mounted 1500 watt brushless motors capable of hitting speeds of almost 40kph and distance as great as 50kms. Not only can you go far and fast, but the power of the twin 1500 watt motors gives you more than enough powere to accelerate quickly up the steepest of hills.

If you crave the carve, then the search is over! Available in street wheels and also 7" pneumatic, All Terrain wheels setup, or both, the GT Carbon can get you anywhere you want to go with slick carving style. The Carbon boasts a 10amp/hour battery which gives approximately 50km range on street wheel setup.  It sits low to the road with drop through trucks and gives you a nice connected feel to the road inspiring hard but fluid, fast carving turns on any hard smooth surface.  If you want to go over uneven ground or short grass etc, the All terrain setup gives you good ground clearance coupled with 7" pneumatic tyres which roll over most serious bumps and gives you a carvey but smooth ride.  Check out the video below and get back to us with any questions you may have.  

Introducing the Evolve GT Carbon Series - featuring World Champion Skateboarder Tas Pappas from Evolve Skateboards on Vimeo.


Evolve Bamboo Series

The Evolve GT Bamboo Series is a slightly shorter, more flexible bamboo constructed deck with a 7 amp/hour battery slung underneath the deck.  The Evolve GT Bamboo also comes in either street wheels or the All terrain 7" pneumatic tyres setup which is more useful for hitting uneven ground or offroad.  The Flexy deck and low profile street set give such a low ride height that you just feel unstoppable when laying down a carve turn.  The shorter wheel base also gives a slightly tighter turn radius than the Carbon deck variant.  If the ultimate carve is your goal and you like the look and feel of bamboo, this board will blow your mind.  Check out the video below for a better idea of what it's all about.  You can give us a call in the store to come in and arrange a demo ride on either board to really appreciate the feel and joy that is skating without hills!


Evolve Bamboo GT_005 from Evolve Skateboards on Vimeo.