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Welcome to Action Sports W.A. - Electric Division

Welcome to the electric bike and skate division of Action Sports W.A.

Action Sports W.A. is located in Balcatta, Western Australia. The Electric Division is the techy section of our business and includes electrically powered, super carvey Evolve electric skateboards, and the insanity of the high powered Stealth Electric Bikes. We've been looking for a less weather dependent form of fun to expand our range of cool toys.

Stealth B-52If you have a blank look on your face when I write the words "Stealth Electric" then you obviously haven't been introduced to the Australian designed, high power madness of the Stealth Electric B-52 off road bike.  As soon as you see this bike in the flesh, you start to understand that this is no ordinary bike.  Resembling more of a high end mountainbike or even a motorbike, than a bicycle, it's unique rugged good looks give you no clue as to what lurks within the hand made frame.

The B-52 is 7hp of tough build designed to take any track hill, or road with ease.  The white knuckle experience created by simple twisting of the right wrist is an intense experience.

For something a little more nimble, the F-37 is the little brother to the B-52.  Boasting 3.7kw of power easily enough to get you back to the top of the hill faster than you can drive your car and trailer, this bike is made to excel in the downhill arena.  Why run a shuttle when the uphill is as much fun as the downhill?  

The Stealth H-52 is the same electrics and frame geometry as the B-52, but without the gearbox and peddles and instead rund foot pegs and a motor cross style seat.  This bike is a pure electric motorcross bike.  Silent, powerful and too much fun!

The new kid to the Stealth Hangar is the P-7 which is just being released as of March 2017.  This rugged offroad bike is 250w and street legal, but with some mods can be wound up to 1kw making it fast, lightweight and suitable as your everyday cruiser to and from work and also totally street legal with the 2016 updated legislation.


If you love to skateboard, or if you skated as a kid and haven't skated for years, maybe you love to roll along the cycleways on the weekend on a longboard cruiser?  The best part is laying into a nice long carve turn, speeding along on a sunny day.  The electric skateboards remove the need for hills and suddenly with a little squirt from the throttle, you can turn a long flat and normally boring pathway into a dreamy carve fest.  You can even carve uphill meaning you spend all your time carving and none pushing.  It's like surfing an endless wave or bombing an endless, off piste, powdery mountain on a snowboard. The only thing that makes this better is going carving with a few mates, or maybe join our electric skate FB group and come on a roll with a whole bunch of people all doing the same.  Electric skating is so insanely good, you need to at least try it.


Click here to go directly to our Evolve skateboard page


Click here to go directly to our Stealth Electric Bike page


Electric Skateboards

We love the fact that all of our sports are Eco friendly and silent. We like to enjoy ourselves without disturbing others and without creating noise or air pollution. The electric bike and skate seemed perfect. We have been dealing in electric on and off road skateboards since 2012 and have really enjoyed the silent carving up of cycle paths and car parks, bombing the parks and trails and Sunday stylin' cruises along the waterfront. These have been amazing and have been enjoyed as a fun machine, or a commuter to move quickly from one place to another in a more unconventional method.

Riding a skateboard in and around the city can be a lot more exciting than standing on a train, sitting in traffic or shuffling along with everyone else. On the weekend, cruise the footpaths with friends or head to the trails or skateparks to get more adventurous.

The Evolve skateboards are quiet, light weight and carve with the feel of a snowboard or surfboard.  The Evolves are available in a two in one package which covers street urethane wheels as well as 7" hubs and inflatable tyres to take you off road and along the paths.

Evolve GT Bamboo and Carbon series boards utilize a brushless, silent, 1500w motor geared to give you the best speed and range as either an All terrain or street carver.   The models are designed to fit most budgets in the Bamboo and Carbon configurations.  In street mode a Carbon Evolve will ride up to 50km in range and have a maximum speed of 40kph!

Evolve have also released their newest creations, the GT range.  The GT is a completely redesigned range of boards in both carbon and Bamboo which feature twin 1,500 watt Outrunner electric motors churning out a combined, mind numbing, 4 horsepower worth of acceleration. This is of course pure insanity and we love it.  The new power gives the off road AT (all terrain) Carbon GT the power to accelerate and climb grassy hills and off road tracks. Yes, you can dial the power back to a more user friendly level, so all is not lost.  Please call us on 08 9240 8547 for a demo of any of our boards.

For more information, demo's and pricing, check out our shop, or visit our suppliers websites